Allied Health


Allied Health

Are you thinking about a job in healthcare but aren’t sure which one? Allied Health at Sierra College has many options for you. Some allied health careers require little coursework and schooling to enter the field quickly while others require years of education and training. 

If you’re interested in providing patient care in collaboration with nurses and doctors, you can enter fields such as certified nursing assistant, respiratory therapist, or dental hygienist. Or, you can train in a variety of non-clinical support services such as health information coding and billing. Whatever path you choose, your career will allow you to make a difference in people’s lives.

Sierra College also offers the pre-requisites and certificates and degrees needed for the other allied health programs that are offered at local community colleges. We advise you to meet with a counselor to discuss all the many allied health options.

Careers in Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities, Dental and Clinical Offices

From working as a physical therapy assistant to a veterinarian technician, allied health offers a variety of career opportunities in different work settings.

  • Start your career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), dental lab technology technician, or physical therapy assistant.
  • Work as a health information coding specialist, radiology technician or occupational therapy assistant.
  • You could be a home caregiver. Or, become a surgical technologist or speech/language pathology assistant.

Academic Plans for Allied Health

Each plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below.

Note: The academic plans will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize the plan.

Allied Health-General Option: AS Degree

Please meet with your counselor to create a personalized academic plan for this degree.

Allied Health-Pre-Nursing Option: AS Degree

Note: This academic plan includes prerequisites for the Sierra College Nursing Program. Meet with a counselor regularly and review the Sierra College Nursing Program website to stay informed on program requirements, admissions selection criteria and application deadlines.

If admitted to the Sierra College Associate Degree Nursing Program, 2 years of additional coursework will be required to obtain an AS in Nursing.

Students may also be able to earn an AS in Natural Sciences and an AS in Biological Sciences when completing the coursework listed below.  Be sure to choose MATH 0013 and a BIOL 0016 field studies course option below to earn AS in Biological Sciences.

Term 1
Course Units Notes
CHEM 0002A 5  
CHEM 0002X 1 Optional problem solving course to take with CHEM 0002A.
ALH 0020 1  
ENGL 0001A 3  
MATH 0000D or any Elective course 4 MATH 0000D if needed, or any elective course if Math Learning Skills Requirement has already been met.
HIST 0017B or HSCI 0003 3  
TOTAL 17  
Term 2
Course Units Notes
BIOL 0005 5  
MATH 0013 or any Elective Course 4 Choose MATH 0013 if planning to apply to CSUS BSN Merger, BSN programs, four-year universities or for AS in Biological Sciences option.
COMM 0001 3  
HDEV 0001 3  
TOTAL 15  
Term 3
Course Units
PSYC 0100 3
NUTF 0010 3
ENGL 0001B 3
BIOL 0004 or BIOL 0006 5
Term 4
Course Units Notes
ANTH 0002 3  
Any BIOL 0016 Course 0.5 BIOL 0016 field studies course needed if also considering AS in Biological Sciences.
BIOL 0004 or BIOL 0006 5  
HIST 0017A or HIST 0027 3  
HUM 0001 or SSCI 0050 or any Elective Course 3  
TOTAL 14.5  

Allied Health-General Option: Certificate of Achievement

Please meet with your counselor to create a personalized academic plan for this degree.

Medical Assisting: Certificate of Achievement

Note: Prerequisites must be successfully completed and student must be ENGL 0001A eligible prior to beginning the Medical Assisting Program.

Term 1
Course Units
HED 0002 3
BIOL 0055 4
CIS 0050 3
HSCI 0003 3
Term 2
Course Units
ALH 0001 2.5
ALH 0002 2.5
ALH 0003 2.5
ALH 0004 3
TOTAL 10.5
Term 3
Course Units
ALH 0005 3
ALH 0006 3
ALH 0007 3
ALH 0008 3
Term 4
Course Units
ALH 0009 3.5