Career and Technical Education


Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Sierra College is a group of programs that prepares students for entry into professional level employment opportunities, typically within one to four semesters. There are twenty-four programs offered at Sierra College that directly relate to industries within the Sierra District and its local labor market needs.

Our programs are led by educators with extensive expertise in their field, many of which also hold positions outside of the college, which contributes to our faculty being the most up-to-date trainers and instructors in these industries. Our programs are also led through Advisory Boards: professionals and leaders in each field or industry who are consulted on an on-going basis regarding program offerings, development, curriculum, labor market needs, new technology and other workplace skills necessary for graduates of these programs to be successful.

We invest over $200,000 each year in updating our technology, equipment and materials to ensure our students are learning at or above the current industry standard. Our programs are lauded by industry leaders as fully meeting their technical knowledge base and employment needs.

The District, and each individual who represents the District, shall provide access to its services, classes, and programs without regard to ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender identity and expression, race, color, medical condition, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, or because he or she is perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics.

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Degree and Certificate Programs

Sierra College offers both Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, as well as Certificates of Achievement and Skills Certificates. 36 degrees in 24 programs are offered in the Career & Technical Education portion of Sierra College. Forty Certificates of Achievement are offered (18 units minimum) and thirty-six Skills Certificates (less than 18 units).

Career Preparation

CTE programs prepare students for entry into the workforce in their specific fields. Students finish their programs here with a wide range of knowledge: theoretical, hands-on, applied and experiential. Many of our students have had direct experience in their field either through previous work history or through our extensive Internship Program. Our Advisory Boards and faculty constantly reassess and adjust their classes to identify and teach the essential skills and knowledge demanded by these industries.

Lifelong Learners

Many of our courses include students who are attending for enrichment purposes: pursuing a dream, hobby or vocation. We welcome learners at all levels, with all types of goals and reasons for attending. Classes taken credit/no credit can relieve the stress of the grading process. Our faculty members are also lifelong learners and greatly appreciate those who are pursuing something for the love of it, as they have in their own careers.

Retraining and Updating of Skills

Short-term training is provided for working professionals needing to update skills in the rapidly changing workplace. This training is offered either through individual classes, industry-based training or through Certificates of Achievement or Skills Certificates. Sierra can quickly re-train or update workers in a relatively short amount of time, often through evening or Saturday classes.

CTE Programs