Chicana and Chicano Studies


Chicana and Chicano Studies

Learn about the experiences and contributions of Chicanas and Chicanos regarding culture, economy, government, law, education, language and politics. Gain a greater understanding of the diverse and complex experiences, values, and socio-economic issues of the Chicana/o and Latina/o communities in the United States.

Careers in Business, Education, Government and Other Helping Professions

Choose from many jobs in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. From becoming an educator to working on public policy or as a law maker, your critical thinking skills can help shape our world.

  • Start your career as a teacher, counselor or social worker.
  • Work in politics as a legislator, policy analyst, government relations officer or in social and environmental justice non-profits or agencies.
  • You could be an artist, writer, researcher, lawyer, or a community organizer.
  • Widen your understanding in the fields of healthcare, law enforcement, marketing or management.

Academic Plan for Chicana and Chicano Studies

The plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree you’re interested in earning below.

Note: The academic plan will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize the plan.

Chicana and Chicano Studies: AA Degree

Term 1
Course Units Notes
ENGL 0001A 4  
SSCI 0016 3  
SOC 0003 or SSCI 0041 or HIST 0025 or SSCI 0020 or HIST 0018A or HIST 0018B 3  
PDEV 0001 or Any Elective Course 3  
COMM 0001 or COMM 0002 or COMM 0003 or COMM 0005 3  
TOTAL 16  
Term 2
Course Units Notes
HIST 0023 3  
WMST 0001 or SOC 0027 or PSYC 0130 or LGBT 0001 or HIST 0027 or ARHI 0132 3  
HIST 0020 or SOC 0110 or SSCI 0050 3  
SOC 0015 or MATH 0013 3  
ENGL 0001B or ENGL 0001C 3  
TOTAL 15  
Term 3
Course Units Notes
POLS 0001 3  
SSCI 0010 3  
SPAN 0001 or SPAN 0002 or SPAN 0003 or SPAN 0004 or SPAN 0017 3  
Any Elective course 3  
ANTH 0002 or ANTH 0027 or HUM 0009 or WMST 0004 3  
TOTAL 15  
Term 4
Course Units Notes
HED 0002 or NUTF 0010 or SOC 0005 3  
(ESCI 0010 and ESCI 0010L) or (GEOG 0001 and GEOG 0001L) 4  
BIOL 0010 or ANTH 0001 3  
Any Elective course 3  
Any Elective course 3  
TOTAL 16