Study economic theory and understand what fuels our country. Learn how to interpret data to figure out trends in finance, international currency, labor and more. From public policy to the labor market, put your math and analytical skills to work.

Careers in Banking, Management and Data Science

  • Become an economist, actuary, or accountant, or become a market research analyst or marketing specialist.
  • Get a job as a financial analyst or quantity surveyor.
  • Become a stockbroker or work in management consulting.
  • Start a career as a lawyer, survey researcher or statistician.

Academic Plan for Economics

The plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree you’re interested in earning below.

Note: The academic plan will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize the plan.

Economics for Transfer—AA-T Degree

Term 1
Course Units Notes
MATH 0013 4  
ENGL 0001A 4  
PSYC 0100 3  
BUS 0201 or CSCI 0010 3 Students who select BUS 0201 will also be required to complete BUS 0202 as part of this major
TOTAL 14  
Term 2
Course Units Notes
BUS 0270 3  
MATH 0042 or MATH 0030 4 MATH 0027 or 0029 highly recommended by the Math department for those considering MATH 0030.
CSCI 0027 or BUS 0202 or CSCI 0062 3 BUS 0202 required if BUS 0201 was taken in first semester
ENGL 0001B or PHIL 0004 3  
COMM 0001 or BUS 0266 3  
TOTAL 16  
Term 3
Course Units Notes
ECON 0001A 3  
POLS 0001 3  
MATH 0031 or MATH 0016A 4

MATH 0031 required if MATH 0030 was previously completed.

If MATH 0042 was completed, department recommends MATH 0016A. NOTE: MATH 0012 is prerequisite for MATH 0016A.

ENGL 0042 or MUS 0002 3  
ENGL 0037 or ENGL 0038 or ENGL 0040 3  
TOTAL 16  
Term 4
Course Units Notes
ECON 0001B 3  
ANTH 0001 3  
HIST 0017B 3  
(PHYS 0010 and PHYS 0010L) 4  
MATH 0016B or ESS 0001 or SOC 0001 or MATH 0032 3-4 It is recommended by the department that MATH 0016B be taken by students who completed MATH 0016A. 
TOTAL 16-17