Find out how people and societies have transformed over time. History is so much more than just memorizing dates. You’ll learn how to find and interpret historical information. Gain a deeper understanding of the human condition and find ideas on how we can solve current problems using lessons from the past.

Careers in Teaching, Law and Research

From becoming a history teacher or professor to working as a tour guide or park ranger, a history degree gives you many options.

  • Start your career as a lawyer or paralegal. You could also work in litigation support.
  • Work as a writer, journalist or reporter.
  • You could be a museum curator or director, or become a research assistant or records manager.

Academic Plan for History

The plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree you’re interested in earning below.

Note: The academic plan will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize the plan.

History for Transfer—AA-T Degree

Term 1
Course Units
ENGL 0001A 4
HIST 0017A or HIST 0017B 3
GEOG 0001 or HUM 0010 3
BUS 0215 or PHIL 0002 or POLS 0002 3
MATH 0013 or MATH 0018 3
Term 2
Course Units
HIST 0017A or HIST 0017B 3
HUM 0001 3
ENGL 0001B or ENGL 0001C or PHIL 0004 3
COMM 0001 or COMM 0002 3
SSCI 0050 or ARHI 0101 or ARHI 0132 3
Term 3
Course Units Notes
HUM 0010 or WMST 0001 or PSYC 0130 3  
SOC 0001 or SOC 0003 or ANTH 0002 3  
HIST 0019A or HIST 0019B or HIST 0024 or HIST 0050 or HIST 0051 3  
ESCI 0001 or GEOG 0001 or (ESCI 0001 and ESCI 0001L) or (GEOG 0001 and GEOG 0001L) 3-4 Two science courses required for degree. One science must include a lab.
HUM 0010 or WMST 0001 or PSYC 0130 3  
TOTAL 15-16  
Term 4
Course Units Notes
LGBT 0001 or SSCI 0013 or POLS 0003 or ESCI 0007 3  
PDEV 0001 or PDEV 0070 or HED 0002 3  
HIST 0004B or HIST 0051 3  
HIST 0018A or HIST 0018B or HIST 0020 or HIST 0021 or HIST 0022 or HIST 0023 or HIST 0025 3  
ANTH 0001 or BIOL 0014 3-4 Two sciences required for degree. One science must include a lab.
TOTAL 15-16