Liberal Arts


Liberal Arts

Are you unsure what you’d like to major in? Whether you wish to strengthen your analytical and communication skills and/or transfer to a four-year university or college, this is an excellent pathway if you haven’t yet decided on a major. Our program offers an introduction to critical thinking, multicultural studies and the arts.

Careers in Public Service, Teaching and Management

From social work and journalism to advertising and entrepreneurship, put your problem-solving and good communication skills to work.

  • Start your career in entry-level management, public relations or marketing
  • Become a teacher, doctor or lawyer
  • Work in social services, or get a job in law enforcement or as a firefighter.
  • Become an archivist or curator of the arts

Academic Plan for Liberal Arts

The plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree you’re interested in earning below.

Liberal Arts: Arts and Culture—AA Degree

Please meet with your counselor to create a personalized academic plan for this degree.