Important Updates


June 4, 2021

This week we restored most of our systems and are getting back to our focus on teaching and learning. Most services are back online, and registration is open for summer and fall semesters

The investigation is ongoing, and we continue working closely with law enforcement and security experts. This was an attack directed at our networks and impacted several servers as well as hundreds of desktop computers. As part of the attack, some information was encrypted by malicious software, malware, that limited our access to important information. Through multiple processes we now have access to most of that information and have been able to bring most services back online.

Attacks like these are unfortunately not rare, and in the past few months have impacted some of the largest universities and companies in the world.  We’re going to keep improving our security so we can keep providing accessible, affordable access to higher education.

  • Did the hackers steal any personally identifiable information (PII)? The investigation is ongoing, and we have not found any evidence of this, but if we discover information that personal information has been compromised, we will notify those students individually and disclose the specific data elements potentially affected.
  • Did the hackers steal credentials to log on to accounts like student Gmail?
    Our investigation is still ongoing but to date, we have found no evidence of any student credentials being compromised and no evidence of keyloggers or other malware being distributed on Sierra websites.
  • Can the hackers now access my bank account? Direct deposits and student aid distributions are handled by a third-party vendor that was not impacted by this incident. In addition, our investigation has not found any evidence that student banking credentials have been compromised due to this incident.
  • What are you doing differently now to ensure this doesn’t happen again? We have implemented several additional best practices to our security at the user and enterprise level and continue working with our security consultant to improve our security.

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Updates on services  

Password Reset

Every Sierra College employee and student will need to reset their mySierra password . An email from “Sierra College” with the subject “Password Reset Required” was sent to all students on May 28. The email directs you to to reset your password.

Having trouble? Please review Common Password Reset Issues and FAQs: 


Complete your spring 2021 classes in Canvas:, the FREE 24-hour/7-days a week tutoring service, is available to students until Monday, May 31. You can access through your class Canvas shells, or you can self-enroll in the the service by going to: and adding yourself to the Sierra College Online Tutoring Canvas shell. 

Sierra Email student email is accessible via the Sierra College mobile app or via 

Sierra College employee email is accessible via 

Public Class Schedule

View the class schedules for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 at:

Note: Registration is open for Summer and Fall 2021 through MySierra. A password reset is required for registration.


Access your grades and educational plan via

Sierra Connect

Schedule an appointment with your counselor or someone in your support network in Sierra Connect via

Need Help?

If you have questions or need help getting in touch with someone or a specific department, join our Success Center for virtual office hours during summer business hours on Zoom, Monday-Thursday, 8:00am – 6:00pm, closed Fridays:

If you need help after business hours, please email Our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

If you attempted to change your password and are now locked out please contact 

Contact Information

Admissions and Records

If you recently applied to Sierra College (registrarse), we are currently unable to process applications. We will send you an email when your application has been processed with more information and next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact Admissions and Records at:

Call: (916) 660-7340


If you have a counseling appointment scheduled, once service is restored, visit our website to reschedule your appointment, or call:   

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)

Connect with us Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-5:30pm and Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
Call: (916) 660-7460

Financial Aid

Call: (916) 660-7310
Drop in Zoom sessions on May 24, 26 and 27, and June 2 and June 4 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at:



Student Tech Support

Call: (916) 660-7225
Visit live chat Monday-Friday, 7:30am – 4:00pmt:

Veterans Success Center

Call: (916) 660-7470
VSC Contact Form
Live Veterans Success Center chat room. Zoom room hours have temporarily been extended, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm until the issue is resolved.

General FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions while we are experiencing technical difficulties.

How do I get into my email? 

Clearing your cache and using a different browser than you usually use may help with log-in. 

What if I can’t reach my instructor, or they have not responded? 

Business and Technology
(916) 660-7800

(916) 660-8104

Liberal Arts Division
(916) 660-8000

Nursing and Allied Health
(916) 660-8300

Science and Math
(916) 660-7900

How do I return rented textbooks?

Rented textbooks can be returned Monday, May 24 through Thursday, May 27 between 10:00am and 5:00pm at the return window to the left of the bookstore entrance. 

When will I get my grades?

Grades are due on Monday, May 31. We are working to ensure that we have grades posted on or near that time. If this changes, we will provide students with an update.

When will I be able to get my transcript?

Transcripts will be available a few weeks after grades are posted. If you do not need grades from the current semester on your transcript, we can issue transcripts once our system is back up and running.  

I registered for a class but can’t get into mySierra to pay for my class. Will I be dropped for nonpayment?

No, nonpayment has been turned off for summer and fall, so there will be no drops for non-payment. 

When can I register for summer classes?

As soon as our system is back up, we will resume registration. 

I’m on a waitlist for a summer or fall course. Did I get dropped from the waitlist?

When the system went down on May 18, registration and waitlists were frozen. As soon as the system is back up, we will contact students to make sure their registration activity is correct. 

How will this impact my financial aid refunds?

We are working to send out refunds as quickly as possible and will communicate with students as we know more. If you have any questions, please call (916) 660-7310 or email

FAQs About Computers

Can we come to campus to use computers or access files from our desktop?

No. At this time computers on campus should not be touched until we complete our forensics gathering process. 

Can we get access to files on our computers at work?

Possibly. If you need access to files on your system, please request file recovery support through IIT at:

What if our computer has a virus notice on the screen?

Leave the computer as-is and do not use it. IIT will be scanning all systems and taking corrective actions, and will communicate out when it is safe to use. 

Can we get access to our files on One Drive/MS Teams, or from the S: Drive or N: Drive?

If your computer was infected then your One Drive files were likely encrypted; both on your computer and in the Office 365 cloud.

One Drive has a way to recover files from a prior version. For more information, visit:

For your S: Drive or N: Drive (department or user shares) files, please contact IIT Help Desk at (916) 660-7777 or email

If we have work computers at home, should we be worried they are infected? Can we bring them to campus to work?

At this time do NOT bring them back to campus or come to campus to use computers. Typically, computers off-campus are not infected, but if you had your system on campus after May 15, please contact the IIT Help Desk to schedule a computer scan. 

All District computers that were taken home in response to the Pandemic should be scanned before they are brought back to campus. Please contact the IIT Help Desk at (916) 660-7777, or at to schedule a computer scan procedure and to coordinate bringing your computer back to campus.


Congratulations to our 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 graduates! We are so proud of all you have accomplished during these extraordinary times. You have much to celebrate and we, the Sierra College community, wish you all the very best. 

Virtual Commencement

Wolverine Grad, Grab and Go Events

We had a blast celebrating our graduates at our Wolverine Grad, Grab and Go events. It was wonderful to see you, our graduates, roll through with your friends, family, partners, children and pets. We were honored to have the opportunity to cheer you on and congratulate you in this special way. Check out the pictures from these events: 

Title IX

Sierra College is committed to nondiscrimination and the achievement of diversity and equity among its faculty, staff and students. Sierra College and Title IX prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in its admissions, education programs and activities. Persons with inquiries about the application of Title IX may contact the Title IX Coordinator: 

La Toya Jackson-Lainez, Director of Diversity, EEO and Title IX
5100 Sierra College Blvd., Rocklin, CA 95677, Human Resources (U Building)
(916) 660-7006