Noncredit Education


Noncredit Education

Noncredit education offers tuition-free classes and certificates that help you develop foundational skills and provide a smooth transition to credit programs and employment. Noncredit courses can be repeated to allow time for students to build skills without the pressure of receiving grades or paying tuition and fees. The following areas offer noncredit courses and/or certificates:

Benefits of Noncredit Courses

  • Tuition-free
  • No prerequisite requirements on most noncredit courses
  • Repeatable even if you receive passing grade
  • Time to develop the skills and knowledge needed at your own pace
  • Serves as a gateway into credit certificate and degree programs
  • Gain skills and knowledge for a current or new job
  • Improve math, English and literacy skills

Difference Between Noncredit and Credit Course

 Noncredit Course

Credit Course

Do not earn college credit

Earn college credit toward a degree and certificate

Receive a pass or no pass grade

Receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F)

No tuition or fees required to take course

Tuition and fees required to enroll in course

Can repeat as many times as desired

Can only complete course once with passing grade

Non-Credit Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to take a noncredit course?

There are no fees or tuition for noncredit courses. However, students may be responsible for books, supplies and parking fees where applicable.

Who is eligible to attend a noncredit course?

Noncredit courses are open to anyone in the community who is 18 years or older and not currently enrolled in high school.

I am over 18 years old but don’t have my high school diploma or GED, can I take noncredit classes?


I am over 18 years old and still in high school, can I take noncredit classes?


Can I get financial aid for noncredit classes?

No, financial aid is not available for noncredit classes.

Do I have to purchase books?

Students may need to purchase textbooks and/or materials for noncredit courses depending on the requirements of the class. Review specific details of each class.

Do I need to purchase a parking permit?

Parking permits are required for classes held at the Rocklin, Nevada County, and Tahoe-Truckee campuses. For more information, visit the Parking page

Can I take a combination of noncredit and credit classes at the same time?


Am I eligible for Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) when taking a noncredit course?

Yes. Please visit the DSPS office for more information.

How can I tell the class is noncredit in the class schedule?

The course number will be between 800-899 and has zero units associated with it. For example, if the course says ESL 0800 then 800 is the course number.

Steps to Register for Noncredit Courses

  1. Complete the Sierra College application
  2. Complete the remaining steps to register for classes.
  3. View Class Schedule
  4. Register for the noncredit course(s) in mySierra.