Political Science


Political Science

Learn about politics at the local, state, national and global levels. Study American politics. Examine other governments and their societies and policies. Gain appreciation for the growing role of international actors and the importance of global issues.  Study scientific methods and theories to heighten your political understanding.

Careers in Teaching, Law and Government

Choose from many jobs in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. From being an attorney to a social media manager, you can shape our society.

  • Start your career in local, state or national government. You could also be a political consultant or lobbyist. Or, work for the FBI or the UN.
  • Work in business, finance or public relations. Become an ambassador and work in international relations.
  • You could be a social worker, journalist or urban planner.

Academic Plan for Political Science

The plan shows all the courses you need to take to complete your goal from start to finish. Map your education by clicking on the Academic Plan for the degree you’re interested in earning below.

Note: The academic plan will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize the plan.

Political Science for Transfer—AA-T Degree

Term 1
Course Units
POLS 0001 3
ENGL 0001A 4
SOC 0015 3
POLS 0005 3
ARHI 0140 or ARHI 0150 or ARHI 0155 3
Term 2
Course Units
POLS 0002 3
POLS 0003 3
ENGL 0001C or PHIL 0004 3
HIST 0018B or HIST 0025 or HIST 0027 3
ESS 0007 or GEOG 0001 3
Term 3
Course Units Notes
POLS 0016 3  
POLS 0027 3  
HUM 0010 or LGBT 0002 Students should choose a course not previously taken
COMM 0002 or COMM 0005 3  
Any Elective 3  
TOTAL 15  
Term 4
Course Units Notes
POLS 0017 3  
POLS 0004 or POLS 0008 3 Students should choose a course not previously taken.
(ANTH 0001 and ANTH 0001L) or ESS 0014 or BIOL 0021 4  
SSCI 0050 3  
PSYC 0150 or SOC 0005 or PSYC 0130 3  
TOTAL 16