FAQs About Computers

Person typing on computer keyboard

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our computers.

Can we come to campus to use computers or access files from our desktop?

No. At this time computers on campus should not be touched until we complete our forensics gathering process. 

Can we get access to files on our computers at work?

Possibly. If you need access to files on your system, please request file recovery support through IIT at: https://solutions.sierracollege.edu/TDClient/1795/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=49904

What if our computer has a virus notice on the screen?

Leave the computer as-is and do not use it. IIT will be scanning all systems and taking corrective actions, and will communicate out when it is safe to use. 

Can we get access to our files on One Drive/MS Teams, or from the S: Drive or N: Drive?

If your computer was infected then your One Drive files were likely encrypted; both on your computer and in the Office 365 cloud.

One Drive has a way to recover files from a prior version. For more information, visit: https://solutions.sierracollege.edu/TDClient/1795/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=133354

For your S: Drive or N: Drive (department or user shares) files, please contact IIT Help Desk at (916) 660-7777 or email helpdesk@sierracollege.edu

If we have work computers at home, should we be worried they are infected? Can we bring them to campus to work?

At this time do NOT bring them back to campus or come to campus to use computers. Typically, computers off-campus are not infected, but if you had your system on campus after May 15, please contact the IIT Help Desk to schedule a computer scan. 

All District computers that were taken home in response to the Pandemic should be scanned before they are brought back to campus. Please contact the IIT Help Desk at (916) 660-7777, or at helpdesk@sierracollege.edu to schedule a computer scan procedure and to coordinate bringing your computer back to campus.