Welcome to Sierra College! We are here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Sierra Supports is your network of people, programs, and services to ensure you cross the finish line.

Choose Your Support

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Success Center

Discover resources you didn’t know existed. At the Student Success Center, we bridge the gap between your needs and the various campus resources, programs and services our college provides to help you succeed.

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Academic Help

Find academic support before you ever set foot in a classroom. We offer numerous support centers and labs, including the Tutoring, Math, and Writing Center where you can receive free help with your studies.

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Student Tech Support

Student Tech Support provides free assistance and service for all Sierra College students in accessing and successfully using Sierra College technology.



Seek guidance and support throughout your educational experience by meeting with a counselor. We’re here to help you through the big decisions and other sources of stress that come with college and thinking about the future.

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Support Programs

Find a wide range of programs that offer individualized support for a variety of needs. You may qualify for multiple programs.

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Basic Needs Center

Access programs that support your basic needs, including access to food, housing, transportation and health services.

What We Offer: 

  • A dedicated, proactive success network to support you.  As a student, you have an assigned team for your success. Your counselor, support specialist, financial aid professional, and others will regularly connect with you in-person and online through Sierra Connect to ensure you’re making progress, engaging resources, and receiving support.
  • Enhanced educational experience through community, culture and support. The strength of Sierra College is our community. Whether it’s community building, academic support, cultural events, student clubs, or basic needs assistance, you’ll find Sierra Supports actively engaging our students. 

Stay on Track

Get Your Basic Needs Met

Let us help connect you with resources to meet your basic needs so you can focus your energy on your education with fewer worries.

Graduation Preparation

Check out the steps to graduation to ensure you’re on the right track to completing your degree or certificate.