Tuition-Free Classes


Tuition Free Classes

If you did not take a tuition-free class in either the spring or summer 2017 semesters you will need to complete a Sierra College/OLLI Application form and the Tuition-Free Registration form.

To request an application and/or registration form be sent to you, please call the OLLI office or send an email to and leave your mailing address.

Mail completed form(s) to OLLI at Sierra College, 316 Vernon Street, Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95678

Summer 2019 Classes


Course for older adults interested in exploring creative writing. Exercises in creative writing drawing ideas from personal observation and experience. Overcome obstacles of how and where to begin writing, what to write about, and how to shape ideas into a variety of formats – creative paragraphs, short stories, nonfiction and fiction. Experiment with various styles, structures and forms of writing. Focus and topics will vary with each offering. May be repeated

Write Your Memoir

From your first written word to a book, this class is designed to help you write your memoir. Learn how to outline and organize your ideas. Write new material each session. Share what you have written outside of class. Meet in a safe, low-key environment. Teacher evaluation of your work if offered. Write a memoir to share with your family or to leave for posterity.
Sue Clark

Twelve Bridges Library, Willow Room
#61676 - 6/11-7/16
Tue., 2:30-4:00pm

Course for older adults interested in exploring literature. Study of selected styles of work and/or authors in literature. Examination of theme and impact of work on society. Includes discussion of the influences of the geographic, economic, cultural and physical setting at the time of writing. May be repeated.

Nobel Prize Winner, Thomas Wolfe—A Genius?

Thomas Wolfe, and his famous editor, Maxwell Perkins, agreed to Thomas’ writing a “magnificent” new novel. When he began sending pages to Perkins, after 90,000 words, Perkins insisted he finish the novel that was running on and on. To comply, Thomas sent him a crateful of new pages—500,000 more words. A few days later Perkins received 500,000 more words. “Of Time and the River” was being born. Genius? Join us to find out.
Sue Clark

Roseville Center (Vernon), Room 229
#61677 - 6/10-7/15
Mon., 3:30-5:00pm


Courses designed for older adults. Study of selected styles and periods of music. Includes a discussion of musical elements, composition, orchestration, vocabulary and history for the selected topics. May be repeated.

Mozart Operas

We will be watching and enjoying the best in operatic entertainment this summer: Idomeneo, The Abduction From the Seraglio, The Marriage of Figaro, Cosi fan tutte, and The Magic Flute. With the exception of Cosi fan tutte, these are all-new productions that you haven’t seen before. Join us!
Steve Miller

Roseville Center (Vernon), Room 259
#61678 - 6/18-7/23 (No class 7/2)
Tue., 9:30am-1:00pm

Nevada County Campus, Room N15-101
#61679 - 6/20-7/25 (No class 7/4)
Thur., 1:00-4:300pm


Courses designed for older adults. Introduction to a series of films examined for originality, creative virtuosity, impact, structure, and direction. Selected films illustrate a specific dimension of film genre. Genres change with each offering.

Individual Difference or Human Semblance?

This summer film course will take us on an exploration of perceived human difference, as presented in six films from diverse (Inuit, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, and American) perspectives. In each of these films, respective nationalities, languages and social positions create socio-cultural barriers that are broken by circumstance. The films we will view are: “Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny;” “Hospitalité; Q’est-ce qo’on a fait au bon dieu?;” “Io Sono Li; Antonia’s Line;” and “Driving Miss Daisy.” Themes present in each film will be discussed and applied to contemporary perceptions of difference.
Ellen Sander

Roseville Center (Vernon), Room 259 
#61680 - 6/10-7/22 (No class 7/1)
Mon., 1:00-4:00pm

Nevada County Campus, Room N12-103
#61681  - 6/12-7/24 (No class 7/3)
Wed., 10:00am-1:00pm