Behavioral Intervention CARE Team

Behavioral Intervention CARE Team

Enhancing Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being

The Behavioral Intervention CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team at Sierra College provides coordinated support for students in distress and takes a proactive approach to address concerns about student behavior, academic progress and personal issues, including mental health concerns.

The CARE TEAM is committed to:

  • Identifying students of concern who are in need of additional support
  • Assessing the most appropriate way to intervene and support a student
  • Addressing student behaviors that impact our campus and community
  • Intervening so a student may achieve academic and personal success

When to be Concerned

Everyone is encouraged to report concerns about students who may pose a danger to themselves or others, who may be showing signs of being in distress, or whose behavior is escalating or disruptive to others in our community. If you believe a student may pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, call 911 and/or Department of Campus Safety.

How the CARE Team Works

Once the CARE Team receives a CARE Team Referral Form, a member of the CARE Team will reach out to the referring party to gather more information, provide consultation and support, discuss the referral with a core group of counselors to create an action plan, and, as appropriate, create a plan to engage with the student to assess the concerns.

In most cases, a counselor on the CARE Team will reach out and invite the student to meet in person to review the concerns, assess and refer the student to campus and community resources, and coordinate follow-up care and services.


Submit a Referral to the CARE Team

To make a referral from any of our campuses, submit a CARE Team Referral form to share your concerns about a student’s behavior.